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Nigerians react to the arrest of American returnee for photographing bribe taking policewomen

Nigerian News Update » Nigerian Newspapers
Punch Newspaper
An American returnee, Chima Ordu, was remanded in prison after he was caught taking pictures of a policewoman allegedly extorting money from motorists in the Isolo area of Lagos State. See reactions from Nigerians..

Matthew keyh • an hour ago Where is human rights activist in Nigeria ,many video appear online of America corps manhandling and killing black people and latinos ,For mere taken a picture of a police woman who was taken bribe on the glare of the public the victim was given an accelerated trial and detain ,Where is Keyamo ,where is the league and organisation for the defence of human right in Nigeria ,this is the sort of cases they should defend ,The judiciary is so corrupt and bought with money in Nigeria ,The Magistrate should have ordered proper investigation of a case like this ,Nigeria is stinking with corruption ,Buhari success in fighting corruption is not gonna go anywhere except the entire Judiciary is overhauled Most Judges and magistrates found wanting need to be sacked ,The Nigeria EFCC .ICPC should look into this case Gov Ambode i plead with your office to order investigation into this case

David Crownwitwealth Oyesile • an hour ago In a society where justice is not served maximally,citizens have to be careful with taking snapshot I suggest the individual should have a spy camera which is not detectable.You can attach camera in front of your car ,even use a wrist watch camera.They are not your friend when it comes to greasing their palms.

Chukwu • an hour ago That magistrate is a disgrace to the judiciary. Instead reprimanding the police for trying to use intimidation to shield their corrupt colleague from illegality, she shamelessly concurred with them by allowing the arraignment of the innocent man.

a4Justice • 10 hours ago Which law forbids us from taking the pictures of a Federal Employee whose salary is paid out of our taxes? These guys still think we are in a military regime?
This news item is so ridiculous, it needs more publicity.

Concerned Naija • 11 hours ago Nigeria we hail thee. When did it become a crime to take picture of Police men, and the judge didn't throw away the case? Most of the magistrates are incompetent and just there to extort (in connivance with the law enforcement agencies) anybody brought before them.

Austin TO • 6 hours ago Instead of them to arrest the bribe taking policewoman, they arrested the man who took picture of the unjust and corruptible behavior of the criminals. This country is a place of profound oppression of the citizens doing the right thing.

Awon Boys • an hour ago We need to decriminalise taking pictures of police on duty. Currently taking pictures of military and paramilitary is a criminal offence in Nigeria
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