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Monday, December 18, 2017.

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Nigerian News » Politics

ICYMI: I slept in the opposite room, I didn’t hear the killers come in — Brother

Posted 4 months, 3 wks ago
How are you related to Obiamaka? My name is Ikenna Orakwue, a student of EPS La Cite University, Cotonou, Benin Republic. I am a brother to the late Obiamaka.

Were you at home the night your sister was murdered?

We were together that night. Another brother of mine, Amara, slept in the opposite room. We went to bed late that night; we didn’t sleep until around 1am. But Obiamaka went to bed early that day because she was supposed to be in school early the following day. She slept in her room alone because her sister had not returned from the university. They shared the room. A friend of hers was with us that night. Obiamaka was trying to convince her to sleep over but she had to go. My sister begged her to sleep over but she had something to do at her house.

Did you hear any noise during the night?

We didn’t hear any noise. If we had heard any noise, all of us would have woken up. The criminals must have surveyed the environment. Someone from Oshodi for example cannot come and operate in the area.

Do you suspect anyone?

We don’t suspect anybody because we live in peace with our neighbours. What we are trying to do now is to speak with her friends to know if anybody harassed her. We don’t know anybody hence it would have been easier to track them.

Did she tell you she had a disagreement with anybody?

Obiamaka is the quiet type who does not tell me things. What we need to do is to enquire about what transpired in her school.

Was anything stolen in the house when she was killed?

Two phones were stolen. One belongs to my brother and the other to Obiamaka’s friend. Obiamaka collected her friend’s phone that night because she wanted to use it to do her school assignment.

Do you think she was killed by Badoo cult?

I can’t say specifically but the way she was killed resembles the way the Badoo cult kill their victims. For instance, her head was smashed. But it is difficult to say if it was Badoo or not.

Does she have friends in the area?

She has a friend in our area. The friend comes to our house regularly.  I saw her recently but she was on a motorcycle.

What can you say about her?

She was an intelligent and quiet girl. She wanted to be a pharmacist. Her death is a big blow to me. At 14, it is painful that human beings can be so cruel.

Has something like this happened in this environment before?

Something terrible like this happened a while ago. But it was not a case of rape. Some people drowned a three-year-old girl somewhere around the area. The criminals were not caught because they ran away before the police came. The police later discovered that the people arrested were not the criminals. The shock is too strong for us. We want the state government to do something about the security in our area.
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