How many pipeline dey for Nigeria
Can we believe you ?
When you tarnish peoples image finish. @fake news
They're not even ready to do anything. If they strike from today till next year they won't pay them. They're very callous
They just waste peoples life on top stupidity
People with fake news, rumors
Most of this accidents are caused by people. How could you go and steal fuel? you are not even afraid if it explode
Why are people so wicked like this?
Army are really trying. It is not easy to leave family and face monsters
Ah ah. There's more to this
Rest in peace (if You deserve it)
Very true. If you can't do something you really want is poverty
Good is using style to punish you ,by the time God finish with you with what you did for us
I thought FCT was said to be free from criminal activities
People like toying with there life's
Some politicians are shameless. You're advising someone on what to do and you never did anything when you are in power
Happy that we are starving
See the way they are using style to embezzle money
I thought ruga story don end
It's a sign of idleness and negligence of duty. Is it possible for you to handle a whole state and also think of studying. Definitely he is not doing anything in that seat
It's like everyday will have what to celebrate. World boutique day
Sorry, but no matter what that doesn't mean you should start kidnapping or do child trafficking to have money
Hoping to hear good news from your meeting
By the time the warth of God come on you, you will know how far
I see this relief materials as nonsence. Prevention they say is better than cure. Construct good bridges, free canals, make good roads
If APC is notorious in lies then PDP get Masters in lieing
Apart from reckless driving, the major cause of frequent accidents is our bad roads
Wetin Dem no fit hack. Banks should be extra careful with their workers because those fraudsters do have insiders
Seriously, scam We will know whether you pay them when your successor resume office
Good one. It is only female they will be emphasising on. Imagine the way females are being assaulted
Did you people think you can make heaven with what you are doing ?
Story wey don pass
I don't know why they still keep them alive
Women are the salt of the world. Imagine cooking without salt
That's carelessness
That's nice. Abeg no fall our hand o, because people talk say any high position female dey always enter their head
The way dem dey handle this minimum wage is turning into politics
Seriously huh?, that money can be used to repair the roads and bring profit. Fed Govt why you dey do like this
Hope it is not scam o.
No matter what, you are not allowed to Join such group . That's not an excuse
Very shameful, shocking and unbelievable
Dem give am judgement before heaven.
Hm, I now understand
I don't know what to say. Everything just tire somebody
Our leaders should help this man.
That's all what politicians knows how to do. Come together and let the country move forward
I don't think suicide is the next action to take
Even our leaders is one of the cause
Serious deliverance

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