No nonsense Governor
People should please help the needy because as it is she is just in the hospital doing nothing and it's not like the doctors will keep attending to her.
A student of kwara poly is into internet fraud, what a shame on the student because they are only disturbing their parent and punishing them with their bad act. Now, they have been expelled, what else or where else do they want to study because it's not sure there is a way for them.
Some people are not meant to be in this world because they are just killing anyhow as if they are going to eat the body. The Government should please do the right thing and make the right judgement on this case.
Why are they closing down the school? they should have at least considered the poor students because it's really gonna affect them and it will also be a loss to the school owner. They should please consider the students situation.
So sad to hear about the loss of the military man, may his soul rest in peace. This people really needs to be gun down and the Government really need to act fast on this.
This people should stop tarnishing the image of the country and do the needful with their lives. They are kidnapping everyone and punishing the innocent people, it's not done at all.
That's good to hear. what mattes now is how he is going to run the state in a better way and not sabotage everything.
They should stop making rep-assuring promises and do the needful on time. They have been assuring the people all this while but nothing have been done and it's not right.
How did they escape if someone among the police didn't know about it. They should do their proper investigation on how they escape because they can't keep taking people as fool.
He should have warned his kinsmen against following the steps of the politicians before anything. This People are using them to gain campaign in a wrong way and manner. There won't be togetherness if they didn't stop that bad act.
Thy should please release the boys and stop tormenting the lives of their parents. They are keeping another peoples children with them and don't they feel they are only punishing the innocent. They should please release them back to their parents.
The president should please do something about the school-boy's abduction. He should at least make a move on it so that the mind of the people will be at peace and they won't do something else out of depression. Also they shouldn't show any sympathy on any of the terrorist.
Why will they show sympathy on a terrorist, terrorist that has been disturbing and terrorizing the people. This is so uncalled for to be showing sympathy on a common terrorist and they are claiming to the right thing which is not.
The teachers shouldn't have allowed the students cheat or don't they know that they are also tarnishing the image of their schools. Besides such students need to be disciplined because now they have waste their parents money and their effort to see that they become a better person in future.
The NMA should please use the money for the proper thing and the right thing. They should please do the right thing and monitor the funds well.
This is really serious and it's a very shocking, bad news. Wishing them a quick recovery on time and this is a big lesson to the people that they should always follow the rules and abide by the covid-19 protocols.
This people are not God fearing at all, they are just behaving the way they like in the society as if it's their Godfather that owns the country. He's suppose to be killed because for a herbalist to trade in human parts then he can kill.
This people are just so stupid, the problem is that they are just using their bad act to tarnish the image of the state. Someone is operating a Baby-making factory within the same state where there are rules and regulations. It's not her fault if not for those buying the child from her.
Nigeria insecurity is getting too much this days because people's life is always at risk and it's not nice to hear that a country as big as this does not have a tight security. The government should please do something fast because people can't be living their lives like this.
People should not misunderstood criticism because we no nothing about their party and how they run there things. The Peoples Democratic Party as well should be careful of what they do.
That's good to hear, at least they have found some of the abducted students. The government really needs to do something about this insecurity of a thing because they can't keep abducting the students anyhow. They should please do something regain the other ones as well.
Why will they just increase wage bill without any notice, it's not done at all. They should have at least notice them or do something in the aspect of notice.
This people have been working tirelessly and they are not paying their salaries which is not right. No matter what they should pay their salary and nothing should change that so far they are doing their work. Their superior should do something about this as soon as possible because it won't be nice if they go on strike.
This people should please not kill all the people in the world because they are just misusing their power the way the sees it. They've abduct the innocent lady now and no one knows what's going to be her end. The Government should please help save the innocent woman.
Why are they re-calling them since that's what they want so they don't need to question there authority. Besides why is Governor David Umahi moving from one party to the other because this sounds funny.
Wishing the governor a quick recovery. People really need to be careful about this covid-19 of a thing and follow the protocols. The Isolation centers really need to do something about this ovid-19 issue that has almost affect everyone.
Different types of problem keep arising everyday. why will staff be demanding bribe from a student, seriously what step are they laying down for the students? Seriously some staff need to be re-trained.
The President is doing his best and people should know that visiting his cows does not mean he is not concerned about what happened. The President should please do something fast about it and rescue the boys.
even if they are suspecting any theft does that mean they should destroy the peoples property or kill them? They shouldn't have done that, instead of doing that they should have done their investigation and find out who is behind that. That is too much.
They should do that on time before time runs out because it won't be funny at all. The army are trying their best though but these Boko-Haram people will not let their superior know because they are just sabotaging their works. They should please do something fast because they are really tormenting people.
They should be because they will be the one betraying them at the end of the day. I don't why this party members are always like that and it's not like the are not benefiting from it. They should weed them out before they can plan any other thing.
This people will never desist from their bad act because i don't know whether they want to use their body for suya. Why will they say they pla need the attack and not carried it because of what or lets say who carried it out if they did not. The court should please make the right judgement on them.
Herdsmen are not suppose to be allowed into the vicinity because they are just using the opportunity to do what they like and it's not their fault if not for their Godfather behind everything. They should please investigate on what they are using the kidnapped people because they can do anything and they are not trustworthy at all.
Yea we should fight poverty in our constituencies because the way they are afflicting suffering on us is too much. There are so many graduates out there jobless doing nothing, all they do is to cause riot,smoke and behave like a tout. The government should please do something fast because people are really tired.
OMG, people are really suffering because if not why will a common NGO's package be something they are killing themselves on. They've wasted two peoples life, at the end of the day someone else will be the one taking the package. What a disaster this country is.
That serves him right because it's what he likes that kills him and he shouldn't be complaining at all. After having a motorcycle, all he can think about is to steal. Why can't he think of working with that his motorcycle.
Police are really wasting the peoples life this days which is not suppose to be like that when they are not animals. They turned their gun to toy and start killing people anyhow, what nonsense.
This people are really passing their boundaries, because i see no reason why you will forcefully collect this peoples property and still kill them. Now, they've waste the guards life and left the place and they are expecting God to show his mercy on them.
That's true maybe if they can change their plan they will be able to overcome this insecurity of a thing that's happening in this country. The government should please do something fast on this case and decide on what to do as soon as possible.
The should please do something about this insecurity of a thing because it's really getting too much and people's life is at risk and it's not nice at all. The Defence minister should please do something fast.
Wow, that's a very good idea for taking such step. Hoping for a better Nigeria when Tinubu comes in as the elected president. Well, since he has done well in his governorship tenure then he will do more when elected as the president.
A very big congratulations to the boy and a job well done to the governor as well for allowing him.
OMG, this people are really frustrating because i don't that it's when they kill that they can survive in life. They killed the innocent soul and they are happy with it, They are suppose to be sentenced death by hanging. Seriously they are annoying.
But why did the court refuse his bail, is this because of the woman that's involved in this? they should have at least be considerate and grant his bail.
This is good news. Since they have recovered their missing money, then they can at least do something about the covid-19 pandemic. They should please do something fast.
This is a very shocking story and i can't believe my eyes because why us that those olden days politics is just like war. Jonathan sacked him because he embezzled not that he intentionally sacked without no reason. Different kind of people and different kind of behavior sha.
ooh that's a very good decision because what's their business with the military's business and they have no right to be interfering in their businesses. don't they know it's an insult to be interfering in other people's business.
This is funny, so NDDC can redeem it's image and they won't want there image to be tarnished. Nigeria people are something else. Well, that is a very good idea
The governor should please be considerate on the poor farmers.

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