Yes o. Nigeria is for the Rich old people
Thumbs up to you for that. One of the major reason affecting Nigeria is POVERTY
Hmm. Such an article of wisdom
That's it. And we hope it is been enforced strictly
They have tried cause they have been able to get a suspect it just finishing up
OMG, nobody is safe , what could have been the problem. It is getting scary everyday
Ah, what a news. So you kill your friend on top lady argument it is foolishness
What a bombshell!!, how true is this story sha, cause we know some can lie ehn even if asked by 100 people. Let me come and be going
Use am well o, Nigerians are not smiling . It might get soar
No be only trouble, it is mixed with oil on fire. Which kind thief be that, naa with frustration of what is happening now that your judgement be made
Yes o. We don't know who is next if Justice is not taken with stiffer procedures. May the Almighty guide the Females, not only them now even the males
But it seems like he is saying the truth o. Police keep doing your work
Again, Fed Govt we need capital punishment
No one knows how one go take blow, do good o
Ah ah kidnap, rape, killing keeps on increasing despite purnishment
Calm down now, which kind yeye prediction be that
Nigerians needs to be monitored before laws will be obeyed
Yes o, most of them die of complications unknowingly
May you get healed cause you are one of the reasons we are alive
So it has gotten to this level and lock down is being released
Gbam another bomb blast
E don happen, e don shele. It is finished
12 years don complete ni. Mo break o. Even if it is divided into two naa 6 years naa not 6 months huhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuh??. I hail una o
And it will be of great help to the children cause it will sharpen their brain on resumption. The way this children are playing ehn
What a bombshell.
Let stiffer justice be done on them
First time I will be supporting Wizkid. And he is true. Trump naa president of Twitter and Buhari naa ghost worker for Twitter. It is good to be educated and influencial
I support una o. We are fed up. We don't know who is next
huhhuhhuhhuh. You want them to start hiding without been chased. No do am o abeg
See as I open mouth huh? huh? huh?. This is what I'm saying o.
huhhuh??. See Mary see Jesus. After you don waka earth
Hmm. Let me go and keep quiet o. Anybody can change
OMG huhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuhhuh??. A lengend like Fela and others that can't be forgotten. I love your "Send down the rain" . Let your soul rest in peace Lengend
Finally finally. We hope you won't scam us talk say cases don double o. But we still thank the Almighty
Really. See politics talk, it will just shock you when you win enter your residence. Except if you also they do the do
We really hope so o. We Don tired for naija case o. We no be only human on Earth o
I'm not disputing the protest but of all this protests, complaints. I can say quarter of it has been done cause it keeps increasing everyday
And he will now say it was during COVID_ 19 he made billions. Ah it is over
Violence protest will only damage things more
Eyahuhhuh??. Why are this politicians dieing of recent. Inna lah waina li rajuhun
Everyone is not safe any again.
On top money , you lost everything. Stupid being
He ought to be taken for brain check up
Security now getting better in South West. No stopping
Imagine a neighbor one could have trusted did such a thing . Life does not worth trusting anyone again
Falling I hope you have accepted the boss. This is getting serious
After you have finish distributing it to us for us to Battle
And I hope we fight it to the end
Though it can't bring them huh?. We blacks appreciate it
That's total rubbish.

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