This allegation against the school should be well investigated because you can never tell their could be an element of truth in it. The investigation should please be done quickly ans still thoroughly.
Is it the duty of a governor to appoint traditional chief? Here in the south west, its none of the governors business. Don't know about the northern culture sha.
politicians are never contempt with what and where they are until they achieve their selfish interests.
This is usually the promise of newly elected leaders. His example will speak for him if truly he will better the residents lives or ......
The concerned authority should please look into it and resolve it as soon as possible. Its their entitlement and they should be given on time as they have worked for it.
Trust 2023 election will be the best election ever conducted in Nigeria. 2019 election serve as a lesson for us to retrace our footsteps and make necessary adjustment for a better future election.
Ability to control oneself shows a great deal of maturity. Wish everyone would train his/her self to control our decision when angry.
The prosecution should be done speedily to serve as example to those who intend doing that or something similar.
This effort is a good encouragement for the farmers and hope it would translate into more produce for public consumption.
The affected filling stations should please go and renew their license because for every business to operate in any area, their are rules that must be adhered to.
Drivers should know and obey traffic laws to reduce accident occurrence. Accidents most times claim lives which is saddening.
Stiff penalty is necessary for something that can kill. Hence, quacks shouldn't be allowed to handle projects as its likely the incidents are happening as a result of the incompetent people handling the projects.
Good development. But i hope not much was spent on commissioning because it is typical of Nigerians politicians.
Happy mood turned sad. Maybe he didn't know how to swim and didn't let anybody know. This will be a regrettable celebration for the friend.
This is an unplanned accident affecting over 150 houses. Thank goodness no life was lost. may God bless the affected abundantly to get back all that has been lost as soon as possible. Amen.
Congratulations to the released people. They should pick up the pieces of their lives and move on as if nothing happened ans sure they will triumph.
See what wild jubilation as caused. An innocent man dead as a result of a stupid act. The killer must be punished too. Thank God its a known person.
This is interesting. The woman must have done something for them to badge into her home but even with that trespassing to the extent to beating up people is a crime.
All parties should work towards the satisfaction of the voters and stop all selfish acts. Indeed, Thursday might not be a good day. Why isn't Inec conducting it on Saturday as the usual election day?
Hmm, its the right of every contestant to be given fair chance to run but considering the huge some of money that will be needed to conduct another election, it might not be wise. Still its PDM right to be given the chance. This is a decision to be made by the court.
In Nigeria politics the elephants keep fighting as long as they did not get what they want. Anyway tribunal is a peaceful way to vent your anger and displeasure rather than violence.
Why will some parties logo be omitted in the ballot paper? Were they not proofed before been used to verify the registered parties? These are little things that makes our election poor.
Why lamenting over low numbers of returning senators? It shows Nigerian are tired of recycling politicians. This is just a beginning and more is coming in the next 4 years. So any politicians who wishes to be retained should do things that will improve the lives of the citizens
What an interesting case The friend would have left him if not that he locked his clothes away. So, the drunk man should share in the blame.
Most people neglect the care of the mouth and focus more on the body. Thanks for letting us know a negative impact of poor oral health.
Well done to the group. This effort will improve peoples health though little but still counts. Hope it is a continuous effort?
Really, violence in Lagos as reduced unlike before except for during the election period. Kudos to the police force for job well done.
What a pathetic incident. That is why illegal immigration is always been preached against.
The Nigerian army should be permanently positioned in the villages till terrorism is eradicated to avoid repeat of this accident.
This is saddening. May God console the family of the deceased and grant speedy recovery to the injured.
Kidnapping is increasing data and mostly done by close people. Thank God she was safe and unhurt. Not kidnapped victim is as lucky as she is, so kidnapping should be eradicated in the country.
Is their no duties assigned to each agencies? The issue of metering should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid extortion of customers.
If 42 parties rejected result, then how many parties are registered in the state? As a suggestion, all parties should forget any irregularity as this was a supplementary election.
Hope you will still remember your promises to the people and make them top priority when you are sworn in as the governor of the state.
It would be best if the president does not involve himself in the selection of a senate president. But really, why does the selection require so much stress?
Choosing a senate president leader could break the party if not handled properly. The party leadership had better wise up and think properly.
This case as lingered for too long. From 2017 till date with no judgement. Our judicial system is too slow. Above all proper investigation is required to avoid punishing the innocent.
Very huge financial loss to the country. Hope the amount that would be found stolen by this administration wouldn't be more than that? Just asking......
Retirement is only sweet for workers who have planned ahead for it. 35 years go by very fast, so every worker must plan well for the retirement phase as it can not be escaped.
If truly the suspect was a kidnapper its a saving grace for the victim.
This will be good if adhered to. just that it is coming a bit late. Anyways, its better late than never.
I hope this case will be settled as soon as possible because tribunal takes too long.
Abeg, round up the case. It is taking too long.
Terrorism act is expensive. So will definitely be sponsored by a rich individual or body.
I hope the suspect would not just be arrested but also prosecuted so that they will serve as scape goat to others.
Governor Okorocha should accept the judgement and hope to come back stronger next four years not making the same mistake.
The incident is better forgotten and further re occurrence should be avoided.
For most of our politicians they do not feel our pain, but for a few they do. So,for the few politician who feel our pain some still become selfish when they get to power leaving very few politicians to help the masses in the county.
Wow, this must have been a die hard fan. But wonder what the crude bombs stood for.
Except for the killing of the policeman, the reason for abduction is understandable. Just that those abducted were not the brain behind the mining project.
Hmm, human beings. Now the so called coalition can come out to say they warned okorocha. If he had won, they wouldn't have said this at all.
What an humble personality the CP is who hasn't allowed his power to control him. Rather than trying to justify the act he apologized promised to investigate it.
Our election process is not good yet and i am sure it will keep getting better until it becomes the best in the world. I believe in Nigeria.
Kudos to the NAHCON chairman for the initiative on the constant appraisal of the yearly operation. Learning should be continuous.
Imagine, disbanding a campaign team after won election is expected and so shouldn't be a news. I wonder why the quality of our news is daily reducing.
Why the sudden change? The last time i checked the Nigeria textile industry was against the action. I hope this agreement is for everyone and not for some selected few already with fat account balance?
Although the amount spent on education matters but the judicious spending matters the most. When a huge some of money is allocated on something and it isn't monitored, wastage and embezzlement is not inevitable
Accessibility to portable water as been a major challenge ever since i was a child till now and its never been resolved. I hope our leaders will get it right and give it a lasting solution for the well being of the people.
Hmm, what a funny excuse to justify a wicked act. Beating a passenger. The charm I believe didn't tell him the punishment for anyone that kills.
Indeed, partnership between the media and the armed force is required to improve the security of lives and properties in the nation
The motive for involving the military is right but how it's been done might be wrong. The government should try to see how military can be used and still cause no chaos for the voters.
Tubobo is a music legend. He sings with intent and Passion. You deserve the awards, keep shining bro.
Imo politics is interesting. It's will soon be May 29, so okorocha's allegation will soon be verified by the residents of the state.
Hmm, hope it would be rescheduled as soon as possible so that the election can be done and get over with. Politicians and supporters should please avoid violence
Building collapse and plane crash is now the news of the month. May God put an end to it immediately.
This case really is taking too long to be judged. I wish our judicial system can be faster and accurate.
Bbnaija double wahala was epic. It was Lolu and Anto's relationship that i thought would last among all the relationships in the house. But above all i enjoyed it.
Renaming an institution is the paramount agenda on the list of a governor. I can't believe this. How does renaming an institution better the welfare of the resident of the state? This idea should be reconsidered by the governor. Just my candid opinion though..
I believe women empowerment has been greatly improved over the last years, and the government can still do more to make is more balanced. This will later translate into optimum productivity from the female gender in the economy growth.
Jungle justice isn't good and should be stopped. Although what the robbers did was bad but they should still be left to the authority to punish them appropriately.
Over speeding isn't good. Wish motorists will take to this and stop it. May God comfort the families of those that died.
Indeed, the perpetrator of this devilish act should be brought to book and punished. May God console the family.
Imagine, for an average Nigerian, Lagos is expensive but in the world it is ranked tenth among the cheapest states. What an irony.
The people of borno have suffered too much from this terrorist and deserve peace since this attacks started. The security of lives and properties in this state should be the topmost priority in the agenda of the elected governor.
The rapid increase of this shops is alarming. People take the drugs as if their lives depend on it.
It is best not to comment on the election so as to save your face. After all the case is already before the tribunal.
Not all bill sent should be approved. Thorough studying must be done to avoid wastage. Well done to Mr president for this act of good leadership.
Supposed security guard getting drunk while on duty. This makes me laugh. It should be well investigated to avoid a repeat of such in the area.
Why are parents cutting short the lives of the innocent children due to their negligence? Immunization should be something to be followed religiously for the welbeing of the children.
The National chairman of pdp is saying this with so much confidence. Lets see what the tribunal judgement turns out to be.
Thank God no life was lost. I pray God blesses the affected people to buy all back in no time for their lives to continue.
Lives should be very sacred and loss of any avoided as much as possible. This act of the US is questionable.
This bauchi governorship election is getting too hot. I pray their won't be violence because when elephants fight its the grass that suffers.
This is such a great loss. May God console the families of the deceased.Four lives gone just like that......
I hope this rumour would not end up been true even though its been dismissed. Defection or no defection what will be will be.
Since the police have warned people against the act, then anyone caught should be made to face the consequence. It will serve as warning for others planing to do so in subsequent elections in the nation.
According to ADC the election is the worse. May 2023 election be the best. To achieve this it will require immediate action by INEC in planning towards it.
This is saddening. May God comfort the family of the deceased. Amen.
The decision of Inec is independent so how can the President influence it ? If that is the essence of their visit then its a disappointment.
It will be advisable for the governor to allow the law run it course and not interfere for the good of his administration.
April 12 is around the corner. We await the judgement because the trial has been on for a while.
It would be lovely if this advise is followed to make life after service a bit easier for you.
Guess this is happening when the quality of internet service is not been monitored by the appropriate agency.
Eeyah. Accident isn't something planned for. So the government should please help contribute their own quota to get the affected people back on their feet.
Indeed, the increasing rate of child abuse especially sexual is getting alarming and wish a permanent solution can be done to stop it.
Nowadays, almost all sicknesses associated with old age now affects the young. May God help us because I really do not understand why this changes.
Yes, support from friends and families goes a long way. I know several people who got well speedily due to the good friends and families around.
Wonders shall never end. Promotions due since 2013, not implemented till 2019. Abeg, what reason is the governor giving for not implementing it? Our leaders never cease to amaze me.
This is a very good development and hope it would be adopted by inec in the next election improve our voting system.
It would be a very good thing if he keeps to all he's promised. Not just for the residents of Lagos state but also for the party because the next four years is around the corner.
This development is good and shows the government bears I'm mind the growing population of it student and their comfort.
It is a good news to hear that all the courses offered in the institution has been accredited.
Every worker is equally important in the smooth running of an institution so none should be treated as less. The best is for the authority to give them a listening ear and think on how it could be resolved.
The perprators should be punished as well as the reason for this wicked act should also be investigated to avoid a repeat of such.
This case is taking just too long. And it doesn't seem near completion. Abeg it is getting some Nigerians tired and pissed.
We do not expect any news on the victory of the soldiers concerning boko Haram insurgencey until they are completed wiped off. So, this little achievement s should be made a top secret so as not to alert the terrorist on the soldiers strategies.
The sooner the prosecutions starts the better, so that the cases can be concluded in no time hoping the judicial system will fast track their processes as it not a governor that would be investigated but several.
Just few days ago, these 2 were smiling, giving advice to each other. Now they are throwing allegations against each other. Nigeria politics is a game.
Imagine, an innocent girl just died due to a police man's error. At the end now it would be tagged accidental discharge leading to a loss of life. This isn't fair at all and the police man should be disciplined for it, although it can't bring back the life of the shot girl.
The act was heartless, so the perpetrators should be punished for it. Human lives are sacred and should be seen and treated as such.
Hmmmm, Nigeria judicial system takes too long and in the process gets the public tired of following. This case should be ended as soon as possible.
The plan is called master plan for a purpose and should be strictly adhered to for the safety and well being of the residents of the state. Everyone not minding the social status should adhere to it.
The staffs are just performing their duty and should be left to do so. If their is any dissatisfaction it should be channeled to the appropriate quarters.
Though the government bears a larger percentage of the blame but the building owners also bears in the blame as most do not consult the service of building expert but rather settle for the quacks who are very cheap.
Good effort guys. Better result will definitely be achieved as good results are achieved right from the preparatory stage.
Inec is the trash can of any electoral irregularities. So they should be aware of that already and so ensure 100% transparency to avoid further wahala and insults from politicians.
What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. This is the right statement for the cp as his long time hard work now pays. Well done to cp wakili.
Only God knows why he was kidnapped. But all the same, i pray he will be brought back alive and well.
Hmm, i pray this act wouldn't be reciprocated with the killing of humans as the herdsmen cherish the lives of their livestock.
Nigeria politics is a joke and full of surprises. Politicians only go to where favorable for their selfish interest. I am saying this not siding any party but generalizing it.
This is a genuine advice from a concerned citizen to governor el-rufai. It would be better if considered for a better next four years leadership.
As much as we think gun control will reduce repeat of the incidence it still might not be a solution to stop it as the perpetrators need reorientation to know their action isn't good and taking that step to show their dissatisfaction doesn't get them what they want.
I taught as much when i saw the news. Fake news is dangerous and can cause great damage than could be imagined.
Thank God for the safety of the baby. May the soul of his gone families rest in perfect peace and such tragedy never happen again.
I wish Nigeria can diversify in income generation. Instead of just focusing on oil as we are greatly and richly blessed with diverse resources to harness from.
Health they say is wealth. Guess that's the adage the governor is following as good health translates into increased productivity which will lead to making more money for the state.
Prevention is better. Well done to the governor on the quick action to prevent a re occurrence in Osun State. The agency involved should also swing to action and make it quick.
Good job to you guys. More representation is needed for our nation Nigeria, not necessary in a religious activity but in a positive program.
It is indeed an epidemic and requires urgent attention for the good of everyone. I wonder why the sudden rise because when i was much younger, it use to be a taboo but now it isn't that the caught men still have the courage to give reason for involving in the act.
Congrats to lawyer Kalejaye, for the victory over the case. It's been on for too long.
The tribunal is a peaceful way to fight for one's right. Kudos for the idea instead of resulting in violence.
Don't tell me this is just coming up after the loss of several lives from building collapses
Kidnapping has become very common in the state. Let the government put a permanent stop to it for the good of all Nigerians.
So this woman is still been closely monitored. I pity her sha for all her properties been seized.
Indeed, their is time for everyone and everything. God isn't never late but rather timely.
Hmm, what a silly and funny excuse to beat wife. Will he allow that if the gender was reversed? Should domestic violence be an option at all in a marriage?
Who do we believe now? The accused or the witness. This case should be properly investigated to get the real story.
Can't imagine this hatred and devilish act after 41 years of marriage by husband. This dipict you can never know a person too well but keeps seeing new chapters daily.
Wow, the death toll seems increasing. Can't imagine how the families are feeling. May God console them.
Wow, this case should be well investigated and culprit brought to book. Can't imagine why a foreigner will be killed in a strange land.
It is a good decision for the presidency not to involve in the selection of the leadership for the 9th national assembly. They are grown up and should be left to make their decision.
Why has rivers state election always been violent? The politicians should repaint the states image because it is giving the state a bad one.
This is very tragic and the pathetic because of the wasted lives. It is well. The perpetrators must be brought to book.
I hope the states have already been briefed and agreed to it? This is to avoid the decision been a unilateral effort hence making states residents resisting it.
This devilish act all in the name of racism? People can go extreme to defend what they believe oo to the extent of live streaming showing he damn the consequence. It is well ooo
You can not blame the parents too for saying the children are drawing jagbajagba because only few parents have eye for art. Therefore,i will suggest sensitization of parents by schools to stop the discouraging the children.
It is a pity this action commenced when innocent lives have already been lost. This will tell the government not to waste precious time in executing any plan when the reason is justified already. May God console the families affected.
It will be for the good of all if calm is maintained in the state because the tragic outcome would be worse if not maintained.
This is part of the advantages of cashless policy. I hope more organisations will embrace it.
Haaa. This is tragic. May God please take control and keep the children trapped safe and also heal those injured. I can't imagine how the parents will be feeling right now. It is very saddening.
Many people indulging in this act believe they are collecting what the whites have taken from our country in the name of colonialism. Many youth indulge in this, so what i believe is the solution is to re orientate the youth on this act.
That is tragic. Violence is never a key to getting anything done because the loss will be greater than the achievement at the end. I wish the thugs can hear and obey.
That act has always been rampant in Nigerian elections just that the medium or the skill is constantly improved on.
Thumbs up for the governor elect on the wisdom applied in handling answering the rumor. The best is to just make past remain past and focus on the present and pressing issue.
I hope this curfew will put a stop to this attack or better still more stringent effort should be used.
This Lassa fever incidence should be completely eradicated. Measures to achieving this should be put in place by the government and Ngos.
The next four years will decide if truly what you have will stand or not. Governor El-rufai should please put an end to the incessant killings happening in the state.
Please go back to your office and start re-strategizing on how you will make your next tenure easy for state residents.
Ajimobi congratulating the governor elect shows maturity. So should be emulated by other governors who are still adamant to accept defeat.
You completing the project before May 29 shouldn't be an issue because your successor is expected to continue from where you stopped though he will have his new projects too.
Well done to the government. I wish most of the state governments lagging in staff strength around the nation could emulate this by recruiting fresh staffs and stop over stressing the existing ones.
I hope the outcome of this election will be good enough for you to say the election was free and fair. Better still, the lapses in thos election should be looked into and avoid repeat in subsequent elections as long as you are still the president of Nigeria.
This is too much. 16 lives wasted just like that. The government should please rise and bring the culprint to justice and avoid repeat of such to ensure safety of lives and property in the state.
What a sad news. The cause of death should please be identified. May God console the family members.
Your effort was good just that it wasn't as peaceful as we expected. Still kudos to the military for apprehending the fake ones.
In short, nothing should be ingested without the doctors prescription. Indeed health is wealth, and we will follow the instructions.
The death toll is just increasing and getting more tragic. May God console the family members.
Good job to the Police.Wish all of them can be apprehended and used as scape goat to others doing it around the country.
Why this consistent plan crash in the past few days? God should please put a permanent end to it.
This incidence should be well investigated and the culprit brought to book. Also, the security in the area should be tightened to avoid further re-occurrence.
Hmm, i hope this incident isn't politically motivated. May God bring the kidnapped back safely and give the fortitude to bear the loss of the boy.
This is a good development though it can't bring those dead.
We all await Kano guber result so INEC should keep to their promise of releasing it today.
The is a great achievement and huge success to Nigeria. I wish other clubs both government and private would emulate this.
Congrats to the released inec staff in katsina. The culprit should be arrested to avoid further reocurrence.
It will be a long awaited progress if the naira can appreciate has said. Kudos to cbn for the efforts.
It would be very lovely if the project is completed. Is the traffic on the road.
This should be a welcomed decision by the US. Since it's to caution illegal immigrants.
Spirits also need money to survive wherever they came from or live.
I hope she said this from a sincere heart that all those development really happened and not from a political mind deceiving the public.
Hmmmm, did he marry all the wives legally that he seeks the court before dissolving it? Or it was just the first that he married legally and want to leave her for the non legal ones?
Do not forget to blame the children also. The technology advancement has made us grown so lazy to read and even the long messages on chats, only very few get to read through.
Children are vulnerable and the nations tomorrow so should be given first class attention in everything that accumulates to result to achieving perfect mental health status.
Imagine the robber vindicating himself of the devilish act he does. He better state this reason in court and see if it will fly.
Both parties should dialogue and reach a compromise. But come to think of it, the proposed project is also for the benefit of the special students. So, both parties should calm down and sort it out amicably
Every district wants the senate presidency seat. President buhari should not yield to their pressure of getting involved in the selection because if in the future it backfires, it will be used against him. The members are all grown ups, so should go make their decision without involving Mr. President. Just my candid opinion...
The security in Ogun for this election should be doubled to avoid violence due to the division inside apc. Both sides seems to have its own loyalist, so its gonna be a tough fight and i hope the grass wouldn't suffer.
This case should be properly investigated before conclusions will be made to avoid start of war in south west. Wrongful accusing one of been in possession of human skull is a grievous offense which should be properly investigated before name calling. Especially when the person involved is not from the tribe of majority of residents in the area.
Everyone is bent on been rich at all cost. Religious leaders are meant to be epitome of righteousness and not the other way round.
Hmmm, so epileptic payment of salary is also happening in Lagos? It is well. Lagosians are deciding on Saturdays.
This act by the nations electricity distribution company has been on for a long while. But the surprising part is that one would have thought the act would have been completely erased due to the privatization of company but it's still happening. This should be looked into and put and end to.
Oyo politics is getting really interesting with this coalition most of the governorship candidates int he states are forming. March 9 is the day Oyo people decides the next four years.
The security personnel should ensure a repeat of what happened during the presidential election in Lagos does not happen again or else it will make voters discouraged to come exercise their rights.
Committing suicide wouldn't make your entitlements to be paid. But still, the government should please act fast and pay the retirees their entitlements to avoid future occurrences as i'm sure many of them would have been contemplating taking this step.
Hmm, what a way to celebrate victory. What if he had died due to drinking the microbes infested water? Would he still be celebrating someones victory? This thinking amaze me.
This is a sad news. May Almighty grant the family fortitude to bear the loss.
Comment * allow it to ?e
Why now? We need Friday to go prepare for the election so as to be able to exercise our right for those of us that didn't register in the area we live currently since movement won't be allowed on Saturday morning.
His security should be tightened or better still he should leave the state till the end of the election.Just an advice.
If the card readers aren't used what will be used? Rumors are terrible and should be avoided.
Kudos to the police force. For the prompt response. I wish the entire police force in the nation will be this prompt when called.
Wow, if this group are indeed supporting another party candidate(ADC) and leaving their party candidate because he failed to perform in the last four years of his tenure, then i will say our democracy is no longer about party but also about integrity. Good decision to the group.
Hmm. It is a mans world. A woman needing the permission of her husband or male guardian before traveling out of Saudi Arabia. This should be fought.
It could be he has mental disorder, because how will a human slaughter a fellow human and still be able to defend himself?
This is tragic. May God console the family.
Should the president be involved in the selection of the senate president? So why involve him now? The president should rather focus on the main issues of the country and leave the senate members to sort out themselves and not allow his reputation stained by involving in the selection process.
Preventive measures should be taking by the residents to avoid greater impact because the rainy season hasn't even started yet, still warming up.
With this level of preparedness by INEC, March 9 election is holding. No shaking. Nigerians are deciding again come this saturday.
I think he is innocent after proper investigation as been taken that's why he was released.
Sanwo-Olu assured Lagosians that he will not disappoint them to keep the good work going in Lagos and meat the needy hearts when he gets to the office. With the woping records he has I just hope he makes the right decisions choices for the people if he wins.. I wish you the very best of luck.
All the parties should come together as one and make peace rain, who lost or defeated today never means he will be defeated tomorrow let's continue to stay focus and plan ahead.
Whoever is planning to use men of the NURTW to unleash terror on opposition members it's not the proper thing to do, i think the security agencies should really look to this.
I think the country should work on developing the mode of voting into a digital method.
I think this should really be a “rumour” that he was declared wanted by the police...
youths demonstrating against the planned removal of the monarch, I think this more than what we can think! Because when the youth protest in the country it always comes to pass or otherwise will take effect.
Proper investigation should be carried out because the different kind of allegations that we are hearing this elections time is very very unfortunate to know which is exact.
The country really need to strive for a better and secure way of elections so that they won't be disagreement when any party wins...
Wow, sure a breaking record for Nigeria. Usman, the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ defeated long reigning champion American Tyron Woodley in Las Vegas on Saturday congratulation to Nigeria.
The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC they always make a round news in every elections period, I think this is the first time i will be hearing this probably they later cross check and took their time to make investigation before they make the final declaration of the winner...
I think this should not be the best idea.
Wow, I think today must be a memorable day of his life time. You re welcome!
I think we should all be careful and be wise enough to figure what is real and not real, nothing is guarantee to be trusted when it's comes to money matters
I think this is a brilliant idea, because things need to be done accordingly for peace to rain not for blood to be shared.
I think they have a message by Invading Progress FM not even any other place... Proper investigation should be carried out on that to know what they are really looking for.
I think having two bodies agencies like inec or even more should be introduced the country, so that when ever there is an elections to be carried out all this bodies agencies should be involved and after the inec have done there own coalitions, the other one we start theirs and so on to the final agency. If this will make out to be transparent in all elections.
Such a painful tragedy.
I think the military, their primary duty is the protection of the territorial sovereignty of the country.
I think the All Progressives Congress, APC, are not here to play especially in all stages and States...
I think proper investigation should be carried out.
I believe the soldier's are there to protect the community from the thugs and any bad thing to happen,, or the soldiers and thugs are the securities in the area!
I think this is a serious matter that need to be properly investigate in other not to make things wost because despite the worning the “irregularities witnessed” in the 2019 general elections... If this protests occurs, I pray they should not be lost of lives.
Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries in south Africa who appeared in the viral video of him resurrecting dead man, apologized for deceiving the public....I think he really need to seek for forgiveness from God aside from confessing the truth... Probably he wanted to be famous for 24 hours on net which he has already been so to say congratulation!
It's always a great man of God indeed, because that's what God sent him to come do on earth.
I think something should be done about this lassa fever again as soon as possible a lost as been lost already and we wont allow any other more.
$1 million for information leading to Hamza bin Laden location in any country... for United States to offered that wodge amount of money means that they also find it difficult to locate him.
I think the Minimum Wage would be handle and settle care now.
Good job! National Agency for Food and Drug Administration is wealth...
Planning for retirement is very essential same way you plan for food because it will be one thing you fall back on after active service. So, it should be planned for so as not to regret after service.
This will make treatment for IVF affordable for the public since it will reduce financial burden on Nigerian couples. Kudos guys for the initiative used.
March 9 will decide if you will be given the chance to carry out your promise on salary increase or not.
Haaa, the act is wicked and the perpetrators if caught should be punished. The officials were carrying out their duties and some uncultured people were still harassing and raping them. They just must be used as scapegoat for people who intend to repeat it in March 9 election.
Hmmm, that was her widows mite so kudos to the aspirant for accepting it and not sunning her as most politicians would have done.March 9 is the day for gubernatorial election.
Food is a basic essential to survive in life. Everyone should be a partaker of this fund raising as human lives are at stake not minding how small the amount.
Can camps be created for them to at least stay till peace is restored in their homelands? We are the giant of Africa, its high time we take up the responsibilities and start acting like one.
Thumbs up for the NLC in reminding the president of his promise to implement the new minimum wage. Also, before he gets too engrossed by other responsibilities of been a president for the next 4 years.