Everybody wants a really good life to enjoy as a citizen and human being and since Nigeria couldn't one have to look for more greener pasture
An outstanding advocate and this should help in good governance
Probably urgent action would be taken cause the spate of insecurity is a mayhem in the country
What a difficult truth, failed to be admitted
We really hope so cause we know of the rich rapists
Even the northern president does not care about their people, 2023 comes with a change
Seriously, why are we like that
Hmm, indeed gentleman agreement
True talk governor
Hmm, Agent Fash
Politics play
Hoping for the best
They are victimising the protesters and kept denying it, what a democratic government we are running
you don't mean it ?
There is always a sign of such
All politicians are ingrate
This is how they do when seeking for position
Such a passionate leader (sacarsm)
It is understandable
I love the fact that you guys are aware of their capability
Ondo politicians has began Act 1 scene 2
Another problem in Nigeria we need to face
Nigerian politicians are party beggers
Can you imagine, OMG
That is the problem of inter tribe marriage
Really, the drug that most of the lawmakers get involved in
Is okay, I have understand
What a pity
If you denied they did not shot the protesters then nobody mobbed the policemen
May we not be poor, poverty naa bastard
It could be attributed to the Nation's situation. All will fall in place soon
Amid this SARS and police brutality, so you can still budget this much
As in, seriously, if the deputy could be collecting how that much, what will the gov be collecting
Humility will surely be seen, recognized just as pride
No woman wants to suffer that's the very truth
And there is somebody saying he looks at him like someone he wants to be. What a pride
What a surprise statement, though it is true. Giving someone what to eat will give more appreciation than a well known stuffs that is cheap
That's how live be. Inside life
Another loan, where do these people want us to o
This life no balance
awwwn, see love in the air
have you forgotten African's mentality
I can't laugh o!!!
When they it is "over" it means "lobatan"
Seriously, we really need it
Hmm, that could be true
Nobody is above this racism stuff, it is true we need adjustment
Eya, i wish you quick recovery

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