Good one
Very disheartened
Wow, amazing. Fed Govt should please commend him
True talk. Thumbs up
Small, small examination malpractice is entering UTME as well
Seriously, they are the one to be blame because at least if they are being prompt on salary payment then ASUU will be blame for negligence
is it not after payment dem go get energy to work
Politicians are the cause of crimes, unemployment , terrorism and lots
I tire o, i don't know when election turn to war o
Yes ooo, they are doing and delivering us
Scam, is it not his regime he was arrested ?
No mercy , throw them into prison for life . If you can do that to someone of your grandchildren's age, you deserve no mercy
A great leader with good heart. Nigeria fails to know your benefit until you are gone
It is all segment of work "ghost workers " dey for Nigeria
Even if it is you, you won't want them to. So why the fake humanity
Hmm, Ganduje on this one
Seriously!!! Nigerians get different diseases for body
Anybody doing good will face challenges
So shameful. See person wey I don say he nice
Lesson for those that claim to be stupid. Davido sef nice
This later use his style get bail for himself. Nice game
Very true, , if it remains closed thing will be better in Nigeria, we will learn how to appreciate our thing
Hmm, educating
Good one. Not only education but develop your own ideas, use your brain to get the best out of life
Rubbish with confidence. We are the one's that made whites sees us like piece of trash.
God self don tire for our case
I can't laugh. What will you do before
No story say Dem carry ballot paper
Person you suppose gift life imprisonment
Wow, gonna be amazing
Eya, sorry. You don't know that when you and your son started performing drama
I commend you on this one
Liers. They pass theives
One thing I sure pass is if naa hundred years Dem go find the person
Hoping you people will not end like Abiola
Oyinbo on this one
Imagine, someone that suppose arrest criminals is even the criminal
Are you not part of us, your own pass wholesome behaviour
The assurance that they are soldiers is very slim. If you notice soldiers don't roll with police at all
Nigerians good for fake news and politicians good for lying. What a combination!!
This man is caused ah ah. Your daughters !! He ought to be chained
I can't laugh huhhuh?? o
Don't bother coming back o.
This people with their evil attitude. Nigerians never show you before
Seriously especially those children that are molested sexually or lack parental care
Abi oo. We don tire o, Dem just dey use style steal
Silence kills a lot
If there's support we will produce locally without problem
OMG. Nigerians sha and there's no job

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