Not at tall
Nice one Mr Governor
Nonsencentrew. How may
Obedience is better than sacrifice
Happy birthday to you
Why are human being like this. Simple order can't be followed
How could this be believed. Situation like this is complex to deal with. Police should please do their work
There is no how a government will be good without being hard or callous though i don't support him demolishing the hotels
Though fake news no good but this one naa new to me, quite surprising
Pure wickedness, such an old woman
We don tire una, the mesage just dey enter phone. Thums up for that
These people still have time to borrow, the one you borrow n ko abi the one dem give you as donation ko
Tiger bi bo. She naa inside Tiger the virus come from abi kini
The drug you no fit use for yourself abi. sha no com spread another virus again
I don't know wetin dey do this people sef , she na by force you become everything
Even the mighty ones are falling
Nigerians sha we no fit hear simple instruction. This one ga o. 300k for flouting order , the money wey i fit use become a trillionaira
That is the best cause they will always abuse the power given to them just like the way they shot someone died today and they are fond of that
Thank God i read the news I thought it was Funke they arrested
Naa now you know the importance of local production
This is a general Illness not the one for profit means. No private hospital will treat such patient without paying and also most of the needs for this virus won't be met
This is sadden. We are praying for your mercy Baba God
It's a job well done for them. It's kind of risky
What US never wanted later happen. No God plan can be diverted
Such a tragedy on an innocent child. So painful
Somebody is bored o . Pele o
Such a crazy decision , why imported medication again
I never believe it is going to reach Kwara despite their efforts not to
Which kind of mentality do we have as a human ? Some people are dieing
Why would they have this far just to carry out there duties. Can they bring these people back even if they(police) are sent to jail
Quite unbelievable. Could this be true ?
Once you are in power in Nigerian it gets difficult before they can be arraigned, i'm not surprise everybody wants to be power
It will become rampant now that everybody is at home and some are looking for ways to get money
Who are the poor Nigerians bayii
This shouldn't be for a state only other Governors should take part of this preventive measures
Abi o. Is like they have started doing it as show off
Naa our money dem dey use kill, support us.
Despite what they have been going through they could still think of others
Ehn, what you haven't done for years now because a pandemic .........
Seems like they are now giving back what they stole from us in changes
How true is this o. Hope e no be fake sha
With what is going on this guys are still thinking of how to overcome power
Such a shame to have done that
Yes cause if we hadn't voted for the wrong representative
Nothing in Nigeria is free. Even with them making promise it is hard to believe
What someone have build for years you could only but think of how to thrash it. Its unfair o. I support your action Ma
As it have it negative it will surely have it positive side. Most women are happy while their man are not
With what he is facing now, nothing like such will be in his mind
Police officers are fond of infringement when it comes to money. They should be warn against extortion as well
Naa so people dey talk o. We no won hear something like it has finish without account

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