Could it be heart failure? Politicians should get regular medical checkup o. So sad
If not that I read the content of the news, I would have been misled to think another thing o. These journalists sef
Madam, why u dey warn dem up an down? No be adult dem be again? If dem like, make dem pour soup for body, na your shame? Lol
Somebody should tell Oga Minister that no be all of us go do science o. Parents should also support their children who choose not to be science student.
This Blackface just wan use everybody sell hin new album. Na Tiwa turn now. Blackface, Tuface no do? Lol
Okay, Happy New Year, Ethiopia o. We dey September, another country don already dey celebrate dem own New Year lol
Imagine the amount a 40-year old stole from people? Crime doesn't pay. Say no to crime. We should learn to hustle legitimately.
Toke no give marriage advice again, na phone etiquettes now. Isorait lol
Sudan should learn from Hong Kong. People have been protesting for months and no such has been recorded.
Many are running away from South Africa. Too bad. #saynotoxenophobia
Akpabio was already declared winner when he was given that ministerial post. APC compensates like no other. Ekpenyong, go and enjoy jare lol
Is Wike planning to leave PDP already? PDP should settle with Wike if they don't want to lose Rivers State to APC.
Why should South Africa think of stopping Nigerians when they couldn't protect them. Huh?

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