This is lack of insecurity our government should please act fast on this issue so innocent will not be claiming everyday.
One of the responsibilities of government is to provide security. If the secuity is not there in the country, they will not be able to manage the economy properly.
Meaning what exactly to me is Nothing.
Good job. Well done but the driver must be found so that they we all face the judgement.
What are they still doing on earth they must not escape this let them face the consequences of their actions
Good advice and well said they needs it.
The government should find a way to ensure that the proper thing is done to safeguard the health of citizens and the nation and also I Will advised Nigerians to wash their two hands with soap preferably from a running tap or through the use of liquid sanitizers.
Rest in peace Dalyep the member of the community love you but God loves you most.
He has done a lot of work good performance well done keep it up.
Yes to me defections have become a part of Nigeria’s political culture, which will leave the country without viable opposition.
If truly you are Innocent God will vindicates you so leave everything to God to judge and take heart God will comfort you sir.
Good job. Well done huh?
Yes “House of Representatives and indeed the National Assembly can do a lot to safeguard and enforce the protection of the fundamental rights of innocent Nigerians from institutions of the state.
if no action is taken to address and regulate security agencies on the use of firearms, more lives will be wasted needlessly and Nigerians will lose faith in the ability of law enforcement agents to handle firearms.
Yes he needs to be caution because if care is not taking is going to bounce back on them.
Congratulations, I know you've learnt a lot from your past a word is enough for a wise man once again congratulations.
, I think it is about 115,000 or more because it keeps going up every day and sometimes you don’t even have accurate records, because we don’t have a computerised system for that which is not good enough.
"We must all act together now to limit further spread... We can only stop it together
The government should ensure that our refineries are functioning optimally. The humongous amount spent on petrol subsidy should be invested in our refineries.
Rest in peace and Dalep, whoever that killed you will never know peace in the rest of his life.
I think I will say temper justice with mercy and Grace so that they can continue with their lives.
Well said, you've said it all keep it up huh?
“Some of the terms/conditions of the bail are excessive, such that they will defeat the purpose of admitting the bail, except they are varied.
I think this such huge wastage amidst the nation’s tight economy, and if care is not taking it could lead the country back to recession.
Well said but work harder to ensure that the security is there to protect the lives of our people in the country
That's a good one on your path well recommend.
“During recruitment, you don’t segregate any class. Even if you will apply some factors discretionally in the course of recruitment, you don’t make it public. What offence have married people committed?”
This issue of sexually harassment is getting out of hand, government should put a stop to this issue by sending any lecture that was caught to life imprisement so that others will learn from it.
Why do we look at the Nigeria Professional Football League and say it is not good enough?
Good idea well commendable.
Evil man you will never go unpunished, justice must be done.
Good job Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Imo State more of it.
Good job, well commendable, government should please provide job for the youths so any form of atrocities we be eradicated in the communities.
We parents will should try to educate our children on such area, not to touch anything dangerous and will should always remind them anytime will know we're going out.
“If we don’t get the civil service right, get the required motivation, provide job, security and satisfaction, it means that the engine of government is broken down.
Is it because your the party is on the ground and your party has sensors connected to the pulses of the people.
“No local government chairman can rule without his councillors. He should have contacted them before defecting to the PDP. I will also advised the chairman to vacate his seat.
It is noteworthy that Anambra people have agreed and decided that Anambra South Senatorial District should produce the next governor of the state.
The defendants must sign a written undertaking not to interfere with any of the prosecution witnesses and to make themselves available for trial at all times.
Good idea and well commendable, short words is enough for a wise man
I don't think is necessary to invoke the no pay no work resolution. Because it will affect the student's.
One of the responsibilities of government is to provide security. If the security is not there, the government we not be able to manage the economy properly.”
PDP will soon be totally fictionalised. The party didn't even have candidates because there were no primaries. The issue of Zamfara State will repeat itself in Cross River State, if the right thing is not done.
“I think the leaders and critical stakeholders across the state to give him support so that he will rebuild our party to win future elections.
They should contribute to the attainment of the development agenda being implemented in the last eight months.
Our government should strengthen the financial and treasury reforms, and include documentation as well as giving legal backing to financial reforms initiatives so that politicians do not take them for granted.
Nice one Mr President more of it sir.
Lassa fever again in our country we don't want it again in our country ooooh.
Good to hear that and make it immediate effect sir God will help you.
My condolences to his family and friends May God be with his wife and children.

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