Our leaders need to wake up to pragmatic and task-oriented leadership now so as to save our nation.
The whole world is aware of our peaceful conduct and we must not let some bad elements tarnish this enviable integrity. Once again, I wish to urge our youths to stop the protest for now and give peace a chance. This would disallow the government from using force.
I'm totally disappointed in Nigerian police, despite the promise from the government to end SARS and police brutality.
That's a good advice.
Yes, Let’s just keep fighting Together. Follow @protectng2020 we are here to help#sarsmustend #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria.
Well said. Keep it up.
You are right about that because we are not is slaves, because Government are meant to serve the people and not themselves.
Hmmm that is a great words of wisdom and guidance from your part. we need great nation. Nothing else matters.
That's a words of encouragement for the youth. So is time for the youth to wise up and When will Enough be Enough? This is not the life any of you envisaged. You cannot continue in an environment that robs you of your destiny and kills your dream. Know your enemies, because it's time to face them
Divine healing in Jesus mighty name.
This is curious. Thank Jehovah for everything and life spearing.
Under the party of do or die? You must face the challenges of the party you find yourself today.
This is criminal act they must be prosecuted.
Hmmm. Well I'm speechless.
That's a good ambition.
Men with their tricks shaa.
Buhari aide should use this to justify her statement.
Government need to do more in security aspect because it is very cleared that Nigeria security is very bad, so we need another system of government that can help every geographical zone to over sees their own zone, which is restructuring.
Put yourself in the shoes of the victim parents, and used it to justify your statement, it very unfortunate that the number of people that die in the hand of SARS are more than people being killed by arm robbers.
That's the only solution for now because without restructuring there will be no solution. Because the northern, southern and east have seen it. So we need the restructure now.
In 2015 we voted for him, with the hope of things we be better than previous one but we fail to learn how lesson in 2019 by voting for him again, so let keep on enduring.
The man should have done better under minister of agriculture than minister of education.
The government should ensure that the matter is investigate thoroughly so that the incident will not repeat again.
Youth should realize that internet fraud is act of stealing, government should do their by creating job for them.
Youths of today's are not ready to work and they want to use expensive phones, cars and etc.
Youths of today's are not ready to work and they want to use expensive phones, cars and etc.
Lord Jesus please save us from this wicked world. No one to be trust.
I ordered a clampdown on the APC hoodlums attacking residents in some areas in Akure including Odopetu Junction.
This is serious. I will continue urging the government to take serious step to eradicate rape, sexual abuse and any act of immorality in the country.
I will urged the government and other security agency to ensure security in the state.
Well said is now left to them to see We want to see Nigeria as a place, where people come out peacefully and vote during the election without deprivation.
That's a good idea. Well recommend.
That's a good intentions.
This is barbaric despite the earlier alarm raised by the Senator and other stakeholders calling on the government and the security agencies to protect the citizens. We urged the government and the security agencies to do something and stop these killings.
There is no need for argument, there's much difference between someone that jump from vehicle and got injured from gun shut.
Certainly yes it is the duty of government to listen and ask why and is what they are clamouring for right or wrong? What they should do is that they should have listening ears.
The President as an elected leader under this constitution should continue to work with patriotic Nigerians, through and in line with the parliamentary processes to finding solutions to structural and other impediments to the growth and wellbeing of the nation.
You have said it all is now left to them to amend their ways and thought.
He does not merit the title by that conduct. It is not just a slap in the face to broadcasters in Nigeria and across the world; it is indeed a slap in the face to the Yoruba.
The truth had been heard.
Good idea well recommend.
That's a good intense on your part. Keep it up.
So sad, rest in peace.
But is making sense for Nigeria to paying lesser minimum wage right?
That is a words of encouragement and wisdom.
That's wickedness, the suspect must be prosecuted, because if not he never learnt from his bad behavior.

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