I suggested that the building has yet to be approved with on site evaluations, indicating that the materials used to construct the collapsed part of the structure are sub-standard. I also urged the Abia state governmenut to prosecute those responsible for collapsed building.
I urged the police to arrest all his accomplices too so that they won’t continue with their unruly behaviour on the roads.
I appealed to the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force to immediately commence investigation into the circumstances and events that led to the death of the victim. Also urged the Osun State Command of the Nigeria Police to launch a comprehensive investigation into this tragedy.
This is serious. I urged the victims family to take heart and I also pray that God should give them heart to bear the lost.
You carry money in trucks all over the place to disfigure democracy and you are preaching democracy. Money cannot buy Edo State. Edo no be Lagos
That's a good fact I Will therefore call on the National Assembly and all Nigerians to vigorously reject this attempt to perpetrate fraud on the nation by effectively scuttling the EFCC and shutting down Nigeria’s anti-corruption war.
That's a good thing.
Good job well done. They must be prosecuted.
I suggested that the situation must be nipped in the bud to prevent violence.
I suggested that the justice should granted the defendants bail.
Our government is just being unfair to us because other countries have resumed sporting activities.
That's a good thing to hear and to have.
Just imagine how people's are risking their lives because of political awareness.
That's a good idea.
The Nigerian government must immediately address the rising insecurity, if it is to succeed in the fight against the pandemic.
It is also a clarion call on our people to be safety conscious whenever they need to drive across rail tracks. If there is slow movement of vehicles at any railway bypass, then there is the need to keep a safe distance from the rail tracks.
This is wickedness after the game they should've record the clips and post on social media.
It is laughable and also against the constitution of the party because the state working committee lacks the power to suspend any member, it is only the ward that can do that. They are setting out on the path to perdition and I wish them good luck.
Aside conversation and practices he brings on board decency, finesse, humility, decorum, he cares and loves his fellow party men, he is educated, deep and exposed. He has a lot of experience and core professionals before coming into power. We can gain a lot from him.
Wonder shall never ends.
You guys should mind your business and leave them let them be.
That's a good intense.
O yes it's a matter of choice. Did you propose to your partner?
I think the meeting was a bilateral dialogue between us as Nigerians to consider the state of the economy and events that have necessitated recent increases in electricity tariff and the price of Premium Motor Spirit.
There is something in us as Africans that is not in them in Europe and America, which made COVID-19 not to be disastrous here as it was there.
Edo people were determined to end godfatherism in the state. He should take note that Edo people do not yield their will, liberty and power of choice to oppressive figures because they are perceived to have economic and political means. Also Edo No be Lagos.
If the governor publicly destroyed the recovered weapons then, why would his administration want to keep the ones recently surrendered by the repentant youths? Such insinuation is senseless.
This is curious, well I guess he was not a pastor, because if he's, he will know more about abortion.
May his soul rest in peace.
This is serious, I will urged police commissioner, to send policemen to the place. rescue the two persons.
This is serious, I will urged police commissioner, to send policemen to the place. rescue the two persons.
That's a good thing to hear.
This is also as contained in the Electoral Act of the Independent Electoral Commission of Nigeria. The commissions, along with stakeholders, has been working towards a free and fair governorship election in Edo State and enjoins broadcasters to continue to perform their duties professionally in order to bring about a successful democratic process.
I'm urging us all to come out and vote; there will not be any violence as the security agencies are going to ensure the protection of lives and property.
Good to hear that from federal government.
Trump has keenly promoted weapons sales during his government and would clearly be happy to tout job-creating announcements before the election.
That's a good idea.
I think Yari and his followers living in fear, delusion and desperation, describing the secret meeting news with Metawalle at the state government’s lodge in Abuja, as wicked and callous.
It is regrettable and disturbing that at a time when Lagosians are suffering from the vagaries of biting economic hardship superintended by the APC government’s policies, the party is deploying Lagos State’s resources to subvert the will of Edo People.
What do you know about Nigeria constitution.
I urgege the Federal Government to restore subsidy on petrol until the countries four refineries were operating optimally. The benefits of removal of subsidy are enormous. One, subsidy as we speak pose a very big threat to new entrants. So, removing it is a great opportunity for new entrants. It will bring boom to the industry and create employment opportunities.
This issues can never be stop. Or less the government stop the herdsmen moving their cow's from one place to another.
Same story same problem.
So without fatherism are you saying we can't achieve something in house of rep, that means you didn't deserve the position you are holding.

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