Just using style to spend money. 180 aides ah
This one shock me o. At 17_ years_old going into marriage
What of other state when Federal capital is safe o ??
Why do they have to change parties? We continue electing the same people in the name of cross carpeting
White people sha. Imagine after 22 years
This one weak me, it was Snake, Gorilla in Nigeria now it is Hen. Ah
Federal government solve the country's problem Don't go into people's marriage
Finally, the elders goes hot
Oshinbajo, 10 years is too far now. I understand 10 million per year. Is Alright
No place like home brothers and sisters. It is better for one to suffer in his own country than an allien
God bless you Apostle. More funds to your bank account.
Abeg, use this opportunity to be useful to Nigeria. Help us tackle insecurity. Congratulations
Mr Rewane, please propound a solution theory for us. You see future than us
This is absurd. Innocent people sharing in what South Africans should have suffered alone

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