They need to hold responsible for the boy disappearance because is not possible for criminal to disappear from Police custody without their knowledge.
God Father will never get out from Nigeria politics because the law maker should have him to follow his conscience.
From the total responses, 57 per cent of the respondents expected prices to rise by at least 3.0 per cent over the next 12 months, while 25 per cent expected prices to increase by more than one per cent, but less than three per cent.
The private school are after their money they don't care about the welfare of the students.
That's good intention it was an additional response to the significant changes in the global and local operating landscape.
If anybody have an evidence they should go to the appropriate authority.
Fashion and ICT can be a key source of growth for our economy creating up to One Million jobs for our teaming Youths. It will also aid our objective of reducing our dependence on revenues from crude oil
Well I know you are kidding us but no problem.
Hmmmmnm. God will lead us through.
This is wickedness, I'm Extremely scared. He must be prosecuted so that it will serve as an example to other men
This is a good intention God bless Nigeria.
Hmmmmm I'm short of words COVID 19 real may God help us all.
Kudos to Nigeria that is best news so far since the beginning of COVID 19. God Bless Nigeria
It's a lot of money, government should investigate the money so that it serve as an example to the other governor's.
That's a good move, other governors should emulate him in other to checkmate the activities of the herdsmen.
Well said sir, that is a good idea.
Despite that people's are complaining bitterly about money nobody wants to die, COVID 19 is real.
That serve him right, at least he received his judgement immediately.
Hmmm May God heal Nigeria from this virus ooooooo
You are right ooooh
How can six person's excape from your lsolation without being able to see them, people sha.
Hmmm young man of nowadays they're not ready to work but they want to make money suddenly I will urge the judges to temper justice with mercy.
Justice must take place because all this cultists boys they're dangerous can do on do assuming the lady died along the process the lady will loose everything please act on this case so that people's will know that law enforcement is still existing in Nigeria.
May his soul rest in peace and next time he keeps to agreement.
Useless teacher that serves them right others will learn from their behaviour.
I will urge the government to help the family so that Sunday will continue with his life.
Everyday is for the thief but 1 day is for the owner, you know how to steal right you will also know how to bear the circumstances that surrounded it .
I will urge the drivers to be more vigilant and obey traffic regulations. 2) they should also stop calling on motorists to be vigilant always while on the highway and to obey road traffic laws to protect lives and property. They should also desist from night travels.
Hmmm last day is near according to the bible in the last day different types of disease will occur so we have to be watchful.
“I have also observed that in many stores, the prices are shooting way up because of increasing scarcity; however, we’re trying to keep our prices stable,” Garza said.
I will say we should follow government advice and stay indoors as a precaution upon his return.
Ride on the Grace of God will never depart you and your family.
The Grace of will never depart you ma
We know all those behind it do not mean well for this party, they are resisting the positive changes he is bringing to the party but they cannot succeed because most members of this party stand in support of the chairman.
The campaign of calumny against the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, must stop. We know all those behind it do not mean well for the party, they are resisting the positive changes he is bringing to the party but they cannot succeed because most members of the party stand in support of the chairman.
The state government’ determination is to reposition it as a citadel of learning.
Government should act fast on this issue useless guys and lazy human being.
. Some of them are dillydallying pretending Ohanaeze does not matter or belongs to somebody, Ohanaeze belongs to us all because it is there to protect us all. They need to support us financially, morally and psychologically. We need to stop being divided; we can’t be saying one thing and they are saying another. They need to stop working against our interest.
It is sad that privatization of the power sector, rather than becoming a blessing, had turned out to be a curse. We all know how much we pay as bills on a monthly basis. The bill is always on the high side, therefore southwest must come together and ensure something is done to tackle the power challenge.
Since the truth can only be delayed but not denied, the Federal Government of Nigeria should use the public admittance by her Minister of Information that Boko Haram and other killer groups in Nigeria truly are targeting Christians to stir a religious war and fashion out ways that Christians, their leaders, and places of worship will be protected.
From the figures read out, it is distressing, but the Chinese have stood up to the challenge and I think we have a lot to learn from the way they have approached the problem.
I will praised Governor Wike for the key appointments to Wakirike ethnic nationality, the projects executed in the area and the recognition and upgrading of traditional rulers’ stools of the people. I will urged the governor to reach out to the Wakirike women who courageously defended Rivers votes, despite the deployment of soldiers.
Good idea is good to contribute to the house of God.
“The Government of Lagos State under the Governor as the COVID-19 Incident Commander, through the Lagos State Ministry of Health, should been strengthening measures to ensure that any outbreak in Lagos is controlled and contained quickly in collaboration with the multi-sectoral Coronavirus Preparedness Group, led by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)
I will argued that there may have been interferences while the documents were being produced at the forensic lab of the EFCC. He finally submitted that the CD does not bear any name, title, department, but a signature which can’t be authenticated. I will also urged the court to dismiss the admissibility of the documents.
The commissioner should stated that the governor should expressed confidence that members of the new Governing Council will bring their invaluable wealth of experience to bear in the running of the university, in line with the state government’s determination to reposition it as a citadel of learning.
Nice one please more of it.
The NSCDC should therefore enjoined all prospective security operatives to be law-abiding in the quest for establishing any security outfit, in as much as their desire is geared towards national peace and security.
Hmmm woman May God have mercy on them because is only God understand what is wrong with women.
Why will you be bothered about what people say because you shameless rubbish.

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