Lol. I concur grin
Interesting! She is truly trending on this site. Wondering why? smiley
He looks slim already if not I would have advised him to take a step further by donating his blood as well grin
naijaboy, you're so funny. Well, he tried. smiley
Ajimobi is somehow trying smiley
Some things are sensitive and that is why care needs to be taken by all undecided
Archbishop, thank you for reminding our politicians o. In fact, there is no better time to sound it to their hearing.
You are very correct smiley
The man is the head of the home so he should fulfill his responsibilities. The woman shouldn't be rude while helping out though. undecided
Congo election seems somehow organized. Nigeria, over to you o!
Excellent! The ruling party must ensure corruption cases of indicted members are not swept under the carpet. This will serve as a deterrent to politicians planning to cross over in a bid to escape corruption charges.
Ha ha ha, that is unfair. Generalization taken too far! So what about guys that bought cars and built houses for their parents? Huh?
National Assembly, always filled with one drama or the other. cheesy
“During the course of taping our show, I made some jokes mocking some lines in the script." There's got to be more than making mere jokes. Or how can a whooping $9.5m be paid for "Jokes Harassment". Anyway, I'm waiting for any of these Nigerian Actresses bombarding the Social Media with same allegation to sue for same amount. smiley
Ole Gunnar Solskjær replaces Mourinho. No problem, it's now left for Sport Journalists to perfect their tongues on how to pronounce Ole's surname. Meanwhile, Solskjær should avoid being called by his first name whenever he steps into Nigeria to avoid trouble. smiley
This woman is still winning awards in old age. This is a big lesson to some musicians in Nigeria. In the words of Adekunle Gold, "empty barrel lo ma pariwo" cheesy
He lighted the poor girl and fled! Some actually don't worth being called a human being. What an evil act.
Why being afraid, girl? C'mon be bold! smiley
Online love affair needs to be confirmed effectively offline before taken so seriously. smiley
Simi keeps climbing the ladder of success. 2018 is indeed a remarkable year for her.
So who is to be blamed? I don't know why I feel like blaming Saraki even though his name was not mentioned. lol
A teenager stealing from a Blind Man. Not good!

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